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All manufactures specify that you have your gear serviced at least once a year to keep your warranty. Our service department has all the supplies and skills needed to get your gear breathing and working like it is brand new. Many divers seem to think because they do not use their gear it does not need to be serviced. In fact, It is just as bad for your gear to sit as it is for it to be used. The o-rings and other parts will dry rot if not used, changed or lubed periodically.

Brands Serviced in House: Sherwood, Genesis and Tusa.
All other brands can be serviced but will be sent off for service.

Most Equipment that is serviced in House can be turned out in 1 week unless a part is needing to be ordered.  There is a rush service for $20 extra if needed before the 1 week turnaround.

Equipment that has to be sent off takes a minimum of 3 weeks turn around. Price also varies depending on the brand.

Regulator Service: $25 per stage, plus parts

BCD Service: $25

Tank Hydro: $55 (includes air fill and visual)

Tank Visual: $25 (includes air fill)

Air Fill: $8

The Scuba Shop offers the best service and warranty on our work in the Upstate. We stand behind our work and will work and inspect any serviced gear that might have a problem within the year of service free of charge on any parts that were changed in the service kit. Hoses and mouthpieces are not covered under warranty. All services and internal parts that were serviced are covered. If a customer skips a year of service all warranties are void. This is regardless if the equipment has been used or not in that time frame.