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TWO GAUGE CONSOLE Two Gauge Console. Dual Scale DG and PG. 200FT/60M Depth Gauge. 5000psi/350BAR Pressure Gauge. 1.75” diameter. Includes gauges, boot & hose. - Read More

US$ 175.00

PRESSURE GAUGE Pressure Gauge Console. Dual Scale DG. 5000psi/350BAR Pressure Gauge. 1.75” diameter. Includes gauge, boot and hose. - Read More

US$ 92.00

Pony Bottle Gauge Ultra compact, submersible pressure gauge 0 to 5000 psi Threads into first stage high pressure port Built-in over pressure relief valve Ideal for backup air supplies - Read More

US$ 39.99

COMPACT CONSOLE - CG2216 These reliable consoles provide outstanding accuracy and durability — and, as their name suggests, they are very compact. Clip anchors allow secure connection with AKONA’s Quickclip™ and ProKit™ systems. Traditional in design,… - Read More

US$ 195.00

PRESSURE GAUGE ASSEMBLY - PG060A These rugged pressure gauges use spiral-wrapped Bourdon tube movements for excellent shock resistance and the dial layout is uncluttered and easy to read. An excellent choice for a fundamental instrument. - Read More

US$ 130.00