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GEORGIA AQUARIUM DIVE Enjoy the best Atlanta has to offer

Journey with the Gentle Giants

The Great Ocean Tank at the Georgia Aquarium is an amazing dive that you have to experience for yourself to truly appreciate!

 The Aquarium's "Journey with Gentle Giants" is the only opportunity in the world where you’re guaranteed to dive with whale sharks, manta rays and thousands of other sea creatures at the same time. Suit up to SCUBA dive in the lively waters of the Ocean Voyager exhibit, and have the experience of a lifetime.

Trip Details:

Meet us there for an amazing time diving ....$395


Final payment 60 days out

You bring your excitement, and the Aquarium will supply everything you need during and after your dive, including dive gear, a shower, and towels!

A souvenir photo and an exclusive t-shirt will remind you of this rare experience for years to come.

Spend the day touring the multiple exhibits such as the Sea Otter habitat, Beluga whale Aquarium, and the Bottlenose dolphin experience.